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A shortage of staff with management, culinary and kitchen skills has led to increased competition for quality candidates in the hospitality and leisure sectors.
Hospitality Recruitment Australia's extensive database and recruitment techniques give us an edge in sourcing and evaluating suitable candidates quickly and efficiently.

From professional relationships with leading chefs and executive managers to global recruitment campaigns, we strive to swiftly fill your kitchen and bars with pre-screened, qualified outstanding candidates.

Hospitality Recruitment Australia can assist you with workforce planning and recruitment and we will discreetly contact specified individuals on your behalf.

We understand that people are the key to your continued success and we are pleased to have been instrumental in contributing to the reputation of many leading restaurants through our recruitment approach.

Our placement rates are highly competitive and we offer a free replacement service in the unlikely event that the applicant does not complete their probation period.


Please contact us by Going over to the contact page.

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